Tar & Chip Maintenance: Simple Steps for a Lasting Surface

Introduction: A tar and chip driveway offers a rustic and durable solution for your property. Known for its unique appearance and longevity, this type of driveway can withstand the test of time with proper maintenance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the simple steps you can take to ensure your tar and chip driveway remains in excellent condition for years to come. At Wymondham Driveway Contractors, we’re committed to helping you maintain a beautiful and long-lasting driveway.

Understanding Tar & Chip Driveways

Tar and chip driveways, or chip-seal driveways, consist of a base layer of crushed stone or gravel that is compacted and then sealed with hot liquid asphalt or bitumen. After sealing, a layer of small, uniformly sized chips or stones is spread over the surface, creating a textured finish.

Maintenance Steps for a Lasting Surface

  • Regular Cleaning: One of the most straightforward ways to maintain your tar and chip driveway is to keep it clean. Remove debris, leaves, and loose stones regularly. Use a broom or leaf blower to clear the surface, preventing stones from embedding into the tar.
  • Repair Cracks Promptly: Over time, small cracks or gaps may appear on the surface of your tar and chip driveway. It’s essential to address these promptly to prevent them from becoming more significant. Fill any cracks with suitable crack fillers to maintain the structural integrity of the surface.
  • Sealing: Periodically sealing your tar and chip driveway is crucial for preserving its appearance and protecting it from the elements. The sealant helps maintain the bond between the tar and the stones, preventing the stones from becoming loose or dislodged.
  • Weed Control: Keep an eye out for any weeds or vegetation that may grow through the surface of your driveway. Pull out weeds by hand or use a weed killer to prevent them from spreading and causing damage.
  • Avoid Heavy Loads: While tar and chip driveways are durable, they may not be suitable for heavy vehicles or machinery. Avoid parking heavy trucks or equipment on the surface to prevent damage.
  • Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect your driveway to identify any areas needing attention. Look for loose stones, cracks, or areas where the sealant may deteriorate.
  • Professional Maintenance: Consider scheduling professional maintenance with a driveway contractor like Wymondham Driveway Contractors. They can assess the condition of your driveway, make necessary repairs, and reseal the surface to ensure it remains in optimal condition.

Conclusion: Following these steps is relatively simple to maintain a tar and chip driveway. Regular cleaning, prompt repairs, sealing, and weed control are essential to keep your driveway looking great and extending its lifespan. For more extensive maintenance and professional assessments, trust the experts at Wymondham Driveway Contractors. With proper care, your tar and chip driveway can continue to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality for years to come.

This is a photo of a newly installed tar and chip driveway installed by Wymondham Driveway Contractors

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